• Wedding celebrations

    We ensure wedding receptions and preparation of festive tables. For private celebrations we have private snack-bar with capacity of 25 persons, resp. saloon with capacity of 30 persons.

    As pleasant top of wedding celebration we offer outer grill, which we ensure just behind the motel.

Motel Jestřábec Velké Meziříčí

One of most quiet lodging in southern part of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands is offered by Motel Jestřabec. It is located outside the road traffic among forests and meadows, however easily accessible even during winter. High-way D1 and main road Brno – Prague are away from motel only several-minutes running.

Motel Jestřábec is therefore ideal partner for company events, trainings, seminars, presentations, family celebrations and short-term / long-term holidays.



Important informations:

Tel.: 566 522 845, 566 522 846
Mobil: 731 588 189
E-mail: motel.jestrabec@cmail.cz

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