• Wedding celebrations

    We ensure wedding receptions and preparation of festive tables. For private celebrations we have private snack-bar with capacity of 25 persons, resp. saloon with capacity of 30 persons.

    As pleasant top of wedding celebration we offer outer grill, which we ensure just behind the motel.

Accommodation Velké Meziříčí

Motel Jestřábec offers to its guests lodging in 37 permanent beds and 8 extra-beds in two-, four- and five-bed rooms.

In the rooms there are complete welfare premises and TV.

Full board, upon request any meal may be delivered by means of packets, resp. Sweden tables.



Important informations:

Tel.: 566 522 845, 566 522 846
Mobil: 731 588 189
E-mail: motel.jestrabec@cmail.cz

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